Our Bodega is a family business with more than 70 years of experience in the production of wines. From our origins we have had as strength the union for the same goal, to generate quality products to continue with a genealogy that follows a feat and develops an idea.

Vitiviniculture has always been a family business in our country, which focuses on putting a lot of heart to carry it forward. Different investigations have shown that the family business is perhaps the oldest commercial organization in the history of mankind. Before the multinational companies, family businesses already existed.

Before the Industrial Revolution (1700) as well. Even before the Renaissance in the fifteenth century, the companies that formed artisans and merchants bore the name of their founder.



A very important characteristic of our vineyard is the importance of having ‘terriors’: the interaction of several factors that make up the ‘terrunio’ i.e. the soil, the vineyard, the location, the work of man and its micro-climate. That is to say, two different ‘chacras’, with plants of equal characteristics and with the same work can produce different wines.

This situation occurs at ‘Chacra 77’, near the Rio Negro River, in the city of Villa Regina, which is different from ‘Chacra 120 A’, located in the city of General Enrique Godoy, near the ‘barda’.

In addition to this, the soil near the river is deep and sandy and near the ‘bardas’ the clayey soils are not as deep but saltier. During frost periods; November and December, the ‘chacra’ which is near the Rio Negro River, is always 1 or 2 grades centigrades lower in temperature than the one next to the plateau. These seem to be very small figures but the grape sprouts are very sensitive, and one grade centigrade difference will determine the burning or the shrinking of the plant.



Variety of soils: stony, sandy and clayey, all of them rich in minerals and without contaminated layers.

Wide temperature range: 20 degrees.

More than 300 sunny days per year; so that the process of photosynthesis can improve productivity, as well as favouring good ripening. Sunshine from dawn to dusk.

Low levels of rainfall and humidity: therefore diseases are practically non-existent in the vineyards.

Constant winds which practically make grapevines ecological. The wind, which is typical of the area, makes it possible for the grapes to have better skin compared to the ones in other regions of the country. Therefore, the skin contains more ‘polifenoles’, ‘antocianos’, that is to say more principles that produce stronger colours, flavours and aromas. And smaller seeds because of the amount of sunshine, which produces a great concentration of properties in the grape.

Plantations irrigated by pure meltwater that comes directly from the Andes Mountains.



    An experience in which you will learn about the entire process of making our wines. We will see the museum of old machines. The packaging of wines in demijohns.

    We are going to tour the old part of the winery that dates back to 1948. And we will end up in the new tourist reception room, tasting room and the wineshop.
  • See also the Tour of the winery + tasting of 3 wines.

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